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“I have been to other auto service shops in the area and not happy with service or price. Due to poor service from the other guy my car had more issues! Someone told me about Tuffy and their great experience. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Doug and Ken were OUTSTANDING they were so helpful in explaining my car issues and fixing the problem and I didn’t have to take out a loan for payment! I will recommend them to anyone for great service and especially pricing! Again, thank you Doug☺️”

Cindy L

Aug 20, 2022 – Lake In The Hills , IL

“Had my appointment for an oil change, and was out on my car in less than 30 min. Way less time to wait than a car dealership. Recommend it for sure!”

Fernando L.B.

Jun 08, 2022 – LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL

“I've been bringing my 2003 Camry to Tuffy after my Toyota dealership told me my car needed thousands in repairs and I should consider trading it in. This was 2 years ago and it now has over 200,000 miles. I believe the folks at the LITH Tuffy are honest and I am very satisfied with their service. ”

Barbara Schwemler

Jun 03, 2022 – Lake In The Hil, IL

“Always courteous and professional. This time I lowered the rating simply because I feel the charge is excessive. $877 for a window motor doesn't seem appropriate. Maybe it is. I just don't get it. Bob”

Robert Libka

May 26, 2022 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“Doug is awesome ”

Celine Chelius

May 14, 2022 – Crystal Lake, IL

“Thank you Doug for the excellent service. Doug explained every detail to me before and after service . Thank you to the guys who Expedited the service fast , you guys Rock. I am so happy with the fast and efficient service. Tuffys in lake in the hills is the go to place for all your service and repair needs. I will never go anywhere else again. There customer service is Phenomenal. I was extremely happy with my final cost for services. ”

Debra Marach

May 11, 2022 – Lake in the hills, IL

“1st time visitor...Andrew and Ken...provided excellent service, as they asked questions and then provided a quote for any repairs neede both immediate and for consideration in the future..came there because the mechanic I use was booked and my left wheel semmed to be causing a vibration with the steering wheel...wife was concerned as I was...thanks for the prompt service...will be back!”

gregory pomagier

Apr 15, 2022 – cary, IL

“Tuffy Lake in the Hills deserves a 20 Star rating!!! They were respectful, and completed the work in the exact amount of time they said it would be done. Ken, Store Mgr, was very professional and great to talk with. Every Auto Service Center should have a Manager like Ken. He really cares about his customers vehicles and their time. The pricing here for the work is extremely reasonable. There is no other place that you should visit for work to be done on your vehicle. THE BEST!!!”

Frank Beaudette

Mar 03, 2022 – LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL

“Full of nice, honest working professionals, my experience at Tuffy has always been great. They’ve done work for me that other places wouldn’t do and their customer service is over the top (especially Ken and Doug)!”

Josh Kahn

Feb 23, 2022 – Algonquin, IL

“My go to place. Top notch technicians, fair prices and friendly service. Highly recommend.”

Singer Ron

Jan 16, 2022 – Lith, IL

“I dropped off my vehicle for a brake service and was able to pick it up in the same day. It was also nice that the towing service was included in the bill. The mechanics I've encountered in other service centers were condescending when explaining things to me because I'm a woman. However, everyone that I spoke to at Tuffy were kind and informative. 10/10 would recommend!”

Blake Medina

Dec 07, 2021 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“always heard good things about this place. I knew my brakes were at the end of their life, was trying to push it off as long as possible by downshifting. With winter coming up I decided I better get them done now. Made an appointment for the next day. They spent about 30 minutes diagnosing (beyond brakes, looking at other potential issues). They told me they could just do the fronts for now and that should clear it up. An hour later I was out the door, even 10 minutes past closing time to finish the job.”

joe zenkus

Nov 06, 2021 – lake in the hills, IL

“Honest. Prompt. Professional. I will continue to come back to the fellas in the Lake in the Hills shop! Thanks again. ”

Robert Niemic

Oct 24, 2021 – Crystal Lake, IL

“Thank you again for the great service. You guys always take great care of me car. ”


Aug 18, 2021 – , IL

“I have been here many times and the service has been outstanding. They call with not only the problem but go over options with pricing.”

Doug S

Apr 20, 2021 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“I've been a Customer for 5 years!! Never once have they let me down or disappointed me. Always Honest and Truthful. And Blunt sometimes ! A good way to run a Business. Won' Take my Business anywhere else! Ever!!!!!!”

Scott Montgomery

Mar 31, 2021 – ALGONQUIN, IL

“I have been a faithful customer of Tuffy’s for 20 years. I have NEVER felt pressured or duped. The staff are friendly and the waiting area is comfortable and clean. ”

Alice A

Mar 07, 2021 – Crystal Lake, IL

“Always excellent service when I come in. Always get a straight answer and none of that trying to up sell me anything. ”

Jelene Eggert

Feb 15, 2021 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“I just like to say that I came in on a Saturday 9th of January this year. I was getting a routine winterization with oil change included everything package deal. I had thought about why did my oil change light turn on one day later I look at my emails and find this wonderful deal. I've always dealt with this location. The people here are awesome they're really great people down to earth. They're always thinking of you. After the oil change I was told that my back tail light was out. After observing the situation it was a quick fix it was just a loose light bulb. I was on my way back to my normal busy life. I would highly recommend Tuffy to anyone. I drive one hour just to get here because the service is so awesome. I would highly recommend Ron Byrd and crew to anyone! Kathy King best way to”

Kathy King

Jan 10, 2021 – Maywood, IL

“Everytime I have brought my car in for service it's done quickly. The gentleman who work their are always very nice and upfront. Thank you!”

Chris Goodman

Sep 14, 2020 – Crystal lake, IL

“Excellent job as usual. Great value!!!”

Dan Berg

Sep 10, 2020 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! I wanted to give a big shout out to Ron and his staff at Tuffy. I brought my 2001 Mustang in to be checked out as my pony had lost it get up and go. I told Ron that my car held special meaning to me as my father gave me the car several years back and he passed away. Knowing how I felt about my car Ron and his staff took great care of my car. He brought my pony back to life and now it has it's get up and go. On my ride hope after picking up the car, my eyes filled with tears as I knew my dad was with me. Thank you Ron for everything. If anyone needs their car fixed or general maintenance, bring it to Tuffy, Ron and his staff can trusted and they will do their best for you. ”

Laura A

Aug 11, 2020 – Algonquin, IL

“I took my 1989 Toyota truck in to have the wheels balanced. They did a good job. The truck had been abused in it's former life. The guys at Tuffy noticed one of the wheels was bent. They let me know which one it was, in case I wanted to replace it. The tires and wheels on my truck are old and hard. The truck was very much improved by their service...this truck will never drive like new...”


Jul 08, 2020 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“Professional - clean - and always awesome!!!”

Margaret Mary Eklund

Jun 16, 2020 – Crystal Lake, IL

“First time customer here, and I'll say they will get the rest of my business. Super nice, honest stand up guys. Thanks Tuffy!”

Jeff Diduch

Jun 16, 2020 – Crystal Lake, IL

“First timer using Tuffy. I must say the staff is great, 2 cars with issues, gave me costs which were cheaper then other quotes. Quality work, great communication, and work was done when promised. Couldn't be happier with both jobs getting done as planned. Will gladly be passing the word to others I know if they need a good auto repair shop”

Aaron S

May 19, 2020 – Algonquin, IL

“We’ve been bringing our vehicles here for years. Ron and Ken are both friendly, honest, and professional. If you need work done on your vehicle, I highly recommend bringing it here. ”

Amy O’Donoghue

May 15, 2020 – Crystal Lake , IL

“First timer using Tuffy. I must say the staff is great, 2 cars with issue gave me costs which were cheaper then other quotes. Quality work, great communication, and work was done when promised. Couldn't be happier with both jobs getting done as planned. Will gladly be passing the word to others I know if they need a good auto repair shop”


May 13, 2020 – Algonquin, IL

“Huge shout out to Ron and his team! We have an older van that needed some transmission work and Ron took the time to prioritize what was most important to keep the van driving well and our family safe. Work was done quickly and the van drives wonderfully now! No more clunking or leaks! We've never had any issues taking our cars here and will continue to service our vehicles with Tuffy. Thanks, Ron!”

Allison A

May 11, 2020 – Algonquin, IL

“Always personable and unbelievable Customer Service! Won't take my SUVS anywhere else! Front desk always on point and straight, No games. Thanks for being there for my Family ”

Scotty Montgomery

May 06, 2020 – Lake in the hills, IL

“Back in for service during recent Coronavirus Pandemic and Ron and his team were professional and took all the necessary care to ensure my safety and health and to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Glad they were there when I needed service on my car..even during these uncertain times. I highly recommend Ron and his team and thank you for providing your services when needed.”

Kathy H

Apr 06, 2020 – Huntley, IL

“Always a great experience here! Never had an issue and the prices are always right. The owner Ron is by far the most honest guy there is. Thanks for all you've done and will continue to do from me! Highly recommend A+++”

Emily F

Mar 18, 2020 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“We bring all 3 of our vehicles to these guys. They are extremely thorough and always do a fantastic job. They listen to you and don't push unnecessary service on you. They make recommendations, but they are not pushy and will give you an honest, expert opinion. They have kept all 3 of our vehicles in great shape and at what I would say is a very fair price. I would highly recommend bringing your vehicles here. ”

Don W

Mar 12, 2020 – Algonquin, IL

“A great place for service and everyone is always personable! Today in for the annual oil change and given a chocolate rose for Valentine's Day...very sweet and thoughtful! ”

Kathy H

Feb 14, 2020 – Huntley, IL

“Always treated very nice.. They ask before doing any extra work. I will not go anywhere else! Thank you Ron and team!”

Marlow Herron

Feb 11, 2020 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“The couple times I’ve gone to Tuffy’s they did a job well done! Besides my car sounding like complete garbage, and then the nice gentleman, Kieth suggested that Ron who’s the owner instead of waiting in the waiting space that Ron could give me a ride home- was so convenient and nice of them! Got me to and from safely to my fixed car. Friendly people at Tuffy’s!”

Brisa R

Dec 07, 2019 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“I have been coming to Tuffy in Lake in the hills for 15 years. The BEST SERVICE and the BEST EXPERIENCE has been in the last 3 years since the owner-Ron Byrd took control. I about gave up as previous owner scammed me and before that there was no customer appreciation. I highly recommend Tuffy in Lake in the hills. Ron Byrd and his team are excellent! ”

Cindy R

Dec 02, 2019 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“Staff was extremely nice. Customer service person was thoroughly and friendly in explaining the information after a service was done.”


Nov 28, 2019 – BELVIDERE, IL

“My nephew suggested I go here and ask for Ron (the owner) and I'm glad I did. They took care of me (I was in panic mode!) and my car that very day. Thank You, Ron and his crew.”

Mary S

Nov 21, 2019 – Algonquin, IL

“The LITH Tuffy team recently installed new headlight bulbs in our Subaru Legacy. Those bulbs are not easy to get to, and they did a great job. I was very pleased with their professionalism and top-notch customer service.”

Tina K

Nov 19, 2019 – Crystal Lake, IL

“Keith was very professional and helpful in getting my vehicle fixed and went above and beyond to get it fixed and back in a timely fashion. It's nice to have see someone who enjoys what he does and is good at it and make the customer feel comfortable and put the customer first. That a rate trait today.”

John W

Oct 29, 2019 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“Called Ken with an involved job for them. Full custom exhaust install, from headers to tailpipe on a truck with 115k in Chicago winters. Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. While maybe a bit more involved than they bargained for when given an initial quote, the guys in the shop did a great job. The shop owner, Ron, has a background in performance/custom work, and he was hands on and involved throughout to insure fitment met his standards. Communication throughout was great, and the fabrication and tweaking required was certainly worth the time investment. Money well spent with guys that did the install justice. ”

Mike W

Oct 05, 2019 – Schaumburg, IL

“I have been going to this tuffy for 3 years since i moved up this way, always great service and repairs done right. I recently took my mom here for her car. They treated her fairly and with much respect. Plus took care of her car !!! ”

Laurie S

Sep 30, 2019 – lake in the hills, IL

“My first time getting auto repair done at a professional shop in 65 years. After much research, I picked the right place! Professional, honest,friendly, fast and excellent brake repairs. Highly recommend Tuffy, Lake in the Hills. Well done guys!”

Miki K

Sep 26, 2019 – Lake in the Hills , IL

“Fantastic job.. Keith and his team are incredible. ”

Julianne W

Sep 11, 2019 – Algonquin , IL

“Every time I go there, the people always go above and beyond to help. I have had many jobs done to my car and am always very satisfied. They will even take me home and come back to pick me up when the car is completed. Everyone there is always very helpful . Great customer service. ”

Donna Seydel

Sep 08, 2019 – Huntley, IL

“FAST SERVICE DONE RIGHT! The tow truck took longer than these guys did putting an alternator and alternator belt in my car. They worked on my a little bit after closing time to get my car done any other place would have put my car off til Monday. There's no where better to go to. LOVE YOU GUYS! :)”

Jennifer G

Sep 08, 2019 – Algonquin, IL

“I have been getting my car serviced at the LITH location for almost 2 years. In those two years my Enclave has had zero issues and has been on a preventative maintenance plan that has proven to work. I have over 100,000 miles on my car and it drives like a dream because of these guys. No gimmicks. No overselling. Great personalized service with honest feedback on how to keep your car healthy. Always clean and overall great place. I would recommend to anyone who wants to drive safely.”

Deb H

Sep 07, 2019 – Lake in the Hills , IL

“I was leery about using Tuffy as in past years I was totally Ripped off. But new owners came in So I thought I would give it a chance. And lucky for me, awesome service , awesome people, And great knowledge. Now I will Get my service from no one else except "TUFFY" 🙂”

Michele M

Aug 26, 2019 – Lake in the Hills , IL

“My husband had the brakes done a month ago. He grabbed my check book by accident and paid for the service with the wrong book. His name is not on that account. Tuffy accepted the check from him, even though his name wasn't an authorized signer on the account. Tuffy called me about the check bouncing and I was confused. I said I'd follow up with my bank. Meanwhile, I had been in a terrible accident and I've been unable to handle much. Today, my phone rang and it was the local police department talking to me about a bad check *I* wrote and how I could be arrested for fraud. I didn't write the check. I called Tuffy and asked why they took the check if it didn't have the correct name on it to begin with. The gentleman said "we knew it was your husband". Believe it or not... Not everyone has joint accounts! Having me threatened for something I didn't do is upsetting beyond belief. I plan to file complaints everywhere I possibly can. Instead of sending a letter or to collection, they sick police on a person for a mix up. I will never do business with this company after this. I understand a bounced check is an issue but mistakes happen and can be rectified without treating people like criminals. ESPECIALLY when they didn't even write the check!!!”


Aug 09, 2019 – Lake in the Hills , IL

“There was a misunderstanding with a Groupon coupon I purchased. Tuffy Lake in the Hills went above and beyond to make the mishap right. They do care about their customers & I will be back in the future for services & would recommend them to my friends & family.”

Mary Ann C

Jul 02, 2019 – Huntley, IL

“Great speedy service they worked with my aftermarket warranty plan and took care of all the details very friendly place”

Rick B

Jul 01, 2019 – Woodstock, IL

“I have been going to Tuffy for the past couple of years now, and the service is great! They get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. The staff are extremely friendly and never pushy. I highly recommend them for your car repair needs. ”

Hannah S

Jun 26, 2019 – Lake in the Hills, IL


Maria P

Jun 26, 2019 – Huntley , IL

“We have been going to Tuffy for years, and am always impressed by the people who work there and the quality of the work done. They are always timely, and work to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible. They have even remained late past closing to get the job done for us, on more than one occasion. We highly recommend using Tuffy in Lake in the Hills.”

Sarah W

Jun 24, 2019 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“Been going to Tuffys for years. Always treated fantastic. Ken Frye definitely takes care of your needs. I highly recommend Tuffys. ”

Pat S

Jun 05, 2019 – Huntley, IL

“Very friendly and took the time to explain everything to me. I truly appreciated that so much!! I will only take my car there from now on... Also love the coupons!!! Marlow Herron”

Marlow H

Jun 01, 2019 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“Really good at focusing on vehicle. Learned a lot about my vehicle from the service ”

Chevelle C

May 24, 2019 – Elgin , IL

“Great folks here. Awesome service. ”

Kevin S

May 23, 2019 – Lith , IL

“I went in to the Lake in the Hills Tuffy late afternoon to get an estimate on what i thought was my back brakes making noise. I actually had several safety issues and the team ended up staying late to make sure that i had the best care. Amazing customer service!”

Susan H

Apr 17, 2019 – Huntley , IL

“Having relocated to the northern suburbs I knew of no one and knew no repair shop that I could trust.. I’m so happy I found Tuffy ... I’ve entrusted Tuffy with my vehicle repairs and have been very happy with the service and pricing!! #Tuffy!!!!”

Juliann E

Apr 15, 2019 – Crystal Lake, IL

“We are extremely satisfied with our experience at Tuffy. Our car runs as brand new after we had it serviced. They treated us kindly, patiently, and generously. Although it is more than 50 miles away, it was definitely worth the trip. Will be going back in the future.”

Peggy R

Apr 04, 2019 – Winnebago, IL


Rich H

Mar 29, 2019 – L I t h, IL

“I've been going to Tuffy now for 3 years. Each time I've been in for service, they have never tried to up sell me on any unnecessary things. There always straight forward. I recommend them for any service on your vehicles.”

Chris G

Mar 12, 2019 – Crystal Lake, IL

“Great job fixing my car. Great service. I will always bring my car to Tuffys. Thank you for your great service. ”

karen Roper

Feb 16, 2019 – Lake in the hills, IL

“Had some Clicking on the Engine! Took it in only to find out I needed a New one. KEN Was awesome and took care of it. Upon pickup there was a Minor issue. Fixed it NO CHARGE!Wont go anywhere else ever again!”

Scott Montgomery

Jan 09, 2019 – ALGONQUIN, IL

“They were awesome. Had answers to all my questions did what they said reasonably priced and great customers skills. Kevin helped me out”

Cj M

Jan 09, 2019 – Woodstock, IL

“Kevin was great, took care of my needs. Did everything they said they would at fair price. We’ll go there again when I need anything fixed”

Ronal A

Jan 01, 2019 – Woodstock , IL

“I went in with a idling problem for my 07 caliber....The problem was diagnosed correctly and repaired. Pricing was completely fair! Everyone there was approachable and friendly...Would definitely recommend”

Mary L

Dec 27, 2018 – Manual, IL

“I went and received work on my vehicle three different places within 6 months or less for the same issue. I then went to tuffy and they told me the main issue with my car was that I need an oil pan replacement... problem solved !!! ”

Tara H

Dec 13, 2018 – Lake In The Hills , IL

“Two other major chains failed to fix the grinding vibration. Tuffy in LITH diagnosed and corrected the issue to my great satisfaction. Even got a ride home and back. Good techs and friendly service. ”


Dec 01, 2018 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“The workers are very respectful and always very nice. The shop is clean. The pricing is fair, the work is done in a timely manner, and they honor all their coupons. A nice neighborhood fair repair shop. ”

Suzanne C

Jul 18, 2018 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“A couple of months ago I went to Tuffy in Lake in the Hills, to have my car serviced. They were very courteous and I was very happy with the work. This was my very first visit there. I give them an A+”

Eleni S

Jun 05, 2018 – Algonquin, IL

“I was shipping my car in 2 days and had a fuel leak. The guys got me in right away and took care of it while I waited. Thanks to Sean and the guys there. ”

Michael M

Apr 04, 2018 – Lake in the HIlls, IL

“My car needed regular maintenance and an overall inspection. Rather than pay premium prices at the dealership, I decided to take my car to Tuffy in Lake in the Hills based on a previous, positive experience at this location. I made the right decision. I thought that my car needed its tires rotated, but Buddy, the manager, inspected the treads and rightly advised that rotation wasn't yet needed. In the interest of good customer service, Buddy deducted the cost of the rotation from the agree-upon coupon price. My oil and filter change was finished within an hour, and the inspection results indicated that no further repairs were needed at this time. Tuffy Lake in the Hills continues to be trustworthy and reasonably-priced. If you haven't already, I recommend giving them a try.”

Susan L

Mar 01, 2018 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“I’ve been bringing the family cars to Tuffy’s for over ten years. They are always friendly, quick service, explain everything and most importantly HONEST. I have never felt that I was sold any service that I really didn’t require. They offer a one year road side service with any purchase, even a simple oil change, which thankfully I’ve never had to use but it’s nice to know that it’s there if I ever needed it. I would highly recommend Tuffy’s to everyone. ”

Alice A

Feb 27, 2018 – Crystal Lake, IL


Cathy A

Feb 14, 2018 – Lake In The Hills, IL

“Outstanding service all around. Great price, quality service, and Buddy made sure customer satisfaction was priority.”

Dan H

Jan 03, 2018 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“These guys are very good and are honest. I highly recommend them. ”

Dan B

Nov 29, 2017 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“First time here and was impressed. I will try them again.”

Paula T

Nov 19, 2017 – LITH, IL

“Buddy at your Lake In Hills location provided great customer service. Fast service. Great team of service techs!”

Dina M

Nov 14, 2017 – Algonquin , IL

“Came in for an alignment and the guy's did a thorough inspection of my vehicle and brought some very important things to my attention that should be addressed. Extremely professional and didn't feel pressured at all. Very fair and really honest which is rare in the car industry. I was very impressed and would highly recommend Tuffy's to anyone who needs work done. ”

Jim G

Nov 08, 2017 – Algonquin , IL

“I found this place about a yr ago, n am very happy. I had some agravation from a old machanic that road my pockets, leading me to look for a new one. I found Tuffy's. The guys here are very proffesional, nice, n not pushy. They check whatcha want them too, n a little extra. Offer their assistance, but dont force whats not nessesary right away. I truly recomend this place, n will continue to have them doing my services. ”

Jamie J

Oct 08, 2017 – Lake in in the Hills, IL

“I called to ask for a quote on brakes because another place quoted me $1000. They mentioned coming in for a free estimate to see what I really needed. It was so worth it. They were honest and gave me a quote on what I actually needed which was 50% less than what the other place quoted. I would highly recommend. Very impressed! ”

Melissa S

Sep 27, 2017 – Algonquin, IL

“amazing service there my boyfriend works there and told me to bring my car there didnt get a discount lol but it is to be expected with men that need to make there money and was willing to pay any price but all the techs there are amazing at there job and are very reasonable with pricing i recommend coming to tuffys with any care issues because they are they best in town when it comes to customer service, pricing, and quality work ”

Amber p

Jun 30, 2017 – lake in the hills , IL

“I had my oil changed and I was in and out in no time. They did a great job.”

Thomas Tufts

Jun 08, 2017 – Algonquin, IL

“Needed wheel alignment, was recommended from Discount Tire cause of abnormal wear. I got in following day, polite, courteous. Got car on rack, made adjustments, then came and got me to show me some problems they found on inspection. Broken head of screw in oil pan. Also see adjustments made to vehicle. Gave me discount on alignment. Car drives great.”

Keith B

Jun 01, 2017 – Crystal Lakr, IL

“GREAT GREAT SERVICE. It is so nice to have an automotive center like Tuffy that is so very dependable. The manager and owner are knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly, HONEST.”

marilyn H

Mar 29, 2017 – Crystal Lake, IL

“We have been using this location for years but the new management is so pleasant and helpful to work with! They are capable of servicing domestic cars as well as high end foreign cars. Their prices are very reasonable and most important, its done right. ”

Chris K

Jan 04, 2017 – Crystal Lake, IL

“Saved the day on the first "Polar Vortex" day in December. Early Monday morning call, owner off having his own Polar Vortex crisis...took me as a walk-in, settled my problem within 30 minutes and with a smile on their faces, despite all the stress of the morning. I would definitely recommend Tuffy's!! ”

Lori S

Dec 21, 2016 – Algonquin, IL

“This Tuffy (Lake in the Hills) came up in my search for exhaust work. I had an axle back system for my Ford Edge. It was not a simply bolt-on and need some custom working to install/mount it. In the end I'm pleased with the work and experience. Thanks Ron.”

Vince K

Nov 09, 2016 – Elgin, IL

“Excellent service, they did the brakes on one of my cars, and new tire, and wheel alignments on 2 of my cars. The cars track great. The tires they recommended for me are great, better ride than the original tires.They also helped me out when I had a flat when leaving for a trip.Fixed it and got me on my way within the hour. They are very service orientated and are willing to help find the best solution to what you need.”

Perry K

Oct 26, 2016 – Crystal Lake, IL

“A hose broke on my Uplander Van an I had it towed to them. They were extremely helpful and professional in getting it fixed at the best possible price. Gave me a lift to and from my condo.I will be going to them for all my work as well as for maintenance. They are part of the Tuffy national brand but locally owned and operated, which is always a plus in my book. And good coffee in the waiting room.”

Mike K

Sep 30, 2016 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“We have been very happy here!”

Jill L.

Jul 15, 2016 – LITH, IL

“EXCELLENT this is the second time I have had an emergency problem with my car and not only did you take my car immediately but gave me a ride home both times and fixed my car the same day! Everyone I spoke with were VERY nice, informative, knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt!!! I can not Thank you enough, I work over an hour away and can't be without my car. Your location and hours are very convenient and prices are better than what I paid in the city. Thank you again!! ”

Cheryl H

May 03, 2016 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“These folks do an exceptional job for a reasonable price. I wouldn't go anyplace else for this work, and I work for a car dealer. Thanks for your usual great job!”

Doug H

Aug 27, 2014 – Lake in the Hills, IL

“I called several different places and rceived a wide range of prices. I decided to have my vehicle serviced at Tuffy's in Lake in the Hills IL because of the way i was treated on the phone by their manager. The service was wonderful and I will continue to use them exclusively. Thanks! ”

John G

Aug 27, 2014 – Lake in the Hills, IL